Batiste Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair

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  • One 6.35 oz bottle of Batiste Dark Dry Shampoo
  • Colored dry shampoo formulated to target excess oil and grease at the roots to leave your hair feeling clean between washes
  • Tinted dry shampoo for brunettes that blends seamlessly with both color treated and natural dark hair
  • Waterless shampoo formula that absorbs dirt and grease to revitalize dull and lifeless hair
  • This dry shampoo also removes oils to provide added texture and volume that gives the appearance of fuller hair

Take your hair from flat to fab with Batiste Dark Dry Shampoo. This waterless shampoo targets excess oil and grease at the roots to breathe new life into your hair, leaving you feeling clean between washes. Batiste Dark Hair Dry Shampoo is a tinted dry shampoo for brunettes, formulated with a hint of color so you can say goodbye to white residue and hello to a dry shampoo spray that blends seamlessly with your beautiful, dark hair. It also has mild notes of bergamot, white peach and vanilla bean for a pleasant scent. Batiste Dark dry shampoo is for anyone with shades on the dark hair spectrum — color treated or natural. From mahogany to chocolate to midnight black, this dry shampoo has you covered. This colored dry shampoo instantly makes your hair feel clean and fresh by removing oil, and provides added body and texture to give the appearance of fuller hair. Perfect for the girl-on-the-go, Batiste brunette dry shampoo helps save time by making styling your hair fast and easy. Let's face it, life gets crazy sometimes and skipping a wash (or two) is inevitable. Using this dry shampoo spray is easy. Shake the shampoo bottle thoroughly, section your hair and spray as much as you want 12 inches from your roots, use your fingertips to massage the Batiste shampoo into your hair and brush or style your hair however you want so you can get going. With Batiste Dry Shampoo, you can be confident your hair looks great no matter what life throws your way.